Client-driven property services Côte d'Azur

About us

After years with a well-established French real estate agency, I was compelled to create a different real estate service. Now into a more mature and growing phase, Forsman & Hey is well positioned to help you achieve your property-related objectives: We know the market, we interface with many clients of diverse cultures and languages, and are well connected to partners, colleagues and all the auxiliary spheres of real estate on the French Riviera.

Forsman & Hey serves both French and foreign clients who are used to working with trusted advisors, be it in financial, legal or other matters. We aim to be the trusted real estate advisor for our clients, as opposed to an “accidental provider”.

Our slogan is “Client-Driven Property Services on the Côte d’Azur” because you are the driver and you decide on the specifics, while we supply our knowledge of the market, the properties, the processes, the languages, etc., so that we form a team together.

We love getting to know our clients well and finding the unique solutions necessary for each individual case.

You know what you want, and we understand that real estate purchases and sales are based on a mix of financial, personal and market factors. So we succeed because we are equipped to engage with our clients on all these facets.

We are committed to helping our clients achieve results with their property projects, and think of the client relationship as a long-term engagement, rather than just a transaction.